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The Gallia County Board of Health is charged with the enforcement authority of Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3701-09 governing the licensing, and operation of tattoo and body piercing establishments.

  • Tattooing means any method utilizing needles or other instruments by someone other than a physician to permanently place designs, letters, scrolls, figures, symbols or any other marks upon or under the skin of a person with ink or any other substance resulting in an alteration of the appearance of the skin.
  • Tattoo Establishments means any place whether temporary, permanent, stationary, or mobile where tattooing is performed.
  • Body Piercing means the piercing of any part of the body by someone other than a physician who utilizes a needle or other instrument for the purpose of inserting an object into the body for non-medical purposes including ear piercing except when the procedure is performed with a ear piercing gun.
  • Body Piercing Establishments means place whether temporary or permanent, stationary, or mobile where body piercing is performed.

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