Public Sewage

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) has the authority over the design, construction, installation, and operation of the sanitary sewers and sewage treatment devices for all buildings and places other than a private residence or a dwelling (one, two, or three family). In addition, sewage treatment required in new or altered RV parks, campgrounds, mobile home parks, swimming pools, food services, retail food services and marinas require approval by the Ohio EPA before being licensed. 

To Obtain A Permit-To-Install
Before excavating the site for a building where public water and/or sewer services are not available, contact the district office of the OEPA. The district office can give advice on the relative merits of a site with regard to sewage disposal. Satisfactory location for the discharge of the effluent from sewage treatment plants may not be feasible. The investigation should be made before plans are started. Some sites may not be acceptable for sewage disposal. 

Plans shall be prepared by a professional engineer familiar with sewerage systems in compliance with Sections 4733.01 throught 4733.25 and 4733.99 of the Ohio Revised Code. 

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