Rabies Program

The Gallia County Board of Health is charged with the enforcement authority of Ohio Administrative Code, Section 3701-3-28 Section 3701-3-29, and Section 3701-3-30.  These sections cover the quarantine, vaccination and examination of animals involved in reported biting incidents. 


  • Investigation of all animal bites and exposures
  • Conduct rabies vaccination clinics
  • Quarantine enforcement
  • Laboratory examination

What to do if a animal bites you?

  • Immediately, wash the wound with lots of soap and water. 
  • Seek medical attention and follow their recommedations. 
  • If possible, detain or hold the animal, so it can be examined by the Health Department. If the animal is to be destroyed, do not damage the head. 
  • Report the bite to the Health Department as soon as possible. Be prepared to describe the animal or provide the name and address of the animal.

To report an animal bite: 740-441-2018 or fax 740-441-2963

For information on rabies:    John McKean, RS, 740-441-2943

Printable Report Forms (See Below) 

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Animal Bite Report Form
If time permits, fill out this form and take it with you to the doctor or hospital.

Rabies in Ohio Wildlife
ODNR Publication #136

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