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The Board of Health is charged with the enforcement authority of Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 3717 and Ohio Adiministrative Code, Chapter 3717(Ohio Uniform Food Safety Rules) , Ohio Administrative Code 3701-21 (Food Service Administrative Rules) and Ohio Administrative Code 901:3-4 (Retail Food Establishment Administrative Rules) concerning the construction, operation and sanitation for Food Service Operations (FSO), Retail Food Establishments (RFE) and vending locations. 


  • Retail Food Establishment Class I -  sells only pre-packaged food and drinks, self service fountain drinks or baby food and formula. These establishments pose the smallest risk of foodborne disease. 
  • Retail Food Establishment Class II - handles or prepares non-potentially hazardous foods or that holds potentially hazardous food at the same temperature at which it is received or heats individually packaged, commercially processed potentially hazardous foods. These establishments pose an minimal risk of foodborne disease.   
  • Retail Food Establishment Class III - handles or cuts raw meat, prepares potentially hazardous food for immediate consumption, cuts or slices ready-to-eat meats or cheeses, or re-heats individual portions of food. These establishments pose a higher risk of foodborne disease. 
  • Retail Food Establishment Class IV - cools and re-heats bulk quantities of food, offers raw ready to eat potentially hazardous food, serves high risk clientele or caters. These establishments pose a higher risk of foodborne disease. 
  • Cottage Food Operation is a person who in person's home, produces food items that are not potentially hazardous (bakery products, jams, jellies, fruit butter, candy). 

Forms and Applications (See Food Services Page) 


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Date Marking Flow Chart

A flow chart to keep food fresh and safe.

Our Enforcement Policy

These are our expectations.

Food Employee Illness Agreement

I'm sick, may I still work my shift? The answer, it depends.

The Person in Charge

This is the "Go-To" person.

Mobile Food Code References

Useful food code information for mobile food vendors.

Emergency Handbook for Food Managers

Hey Boss! What do I do now??

Emergency Handbook for Food Employees

Don't worry boss. I know how to handle it.

Emergency Training Guide

Food employee emergency training guide for food managers.

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